The growing list of reasons to visit the beautifully unique Space Coast in Central Florida are enough to convince any vacation enthusiast to start planning a trip! With 72 miles of gorgeous coastline to enjoy, a plethora of world-class golf courses scattered throughout the communities, pristine wildlife preserves, and a thriving arts scene, Brevard County is known for its many wonderful attractions. However, it’s not called the Space Coast for any of these enjoyable reasons! If you’re visiting Cocoa Beach or one of the surrounding communities anytime soon, consider planning some time to soak in more than sunshine by finding the perfect place to view a rocket launch!

With NASA and the quickly expanding aerospace industry saturating Brevard County, the area has a unique culture shaped by space exploration. There are enough exhibitions, museums and memorials dedicated to past, present and future outer space exploration to fill an entire vacation. Of all the exciting ways to delve into space from here on earth, uncovering the perfect viewing spot to watch a rocket launch (and then disappear) into a clear blue sky is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

Here are a few tips on how to have the best experience around.

Best Spot to Watch a Rocket Launch on the Space Coast

If you’re one of the fortunate ones who call Brevard County home, you likely already have your ideal spot to set up your chair for rocket launches in Brevard County. Perhaps that spot is even in your own backyard! If you’re just passing through, you’ll want a little help in knowing where to go. Though you can likely see a rocket launch from wherever you are – on the beach or the golf course, there are certainly better options than others. To begin your planning, take a look at this map of recommended best viewing spots for rocket launches from NASA and Space Coast locals.

Consider planning a day around visiting Exploration Tower to view a rocket launch from the most unique vantage point in the county. With a panoramic view of Port Canaveral, you’ll be able to see a rocket launch from the 7th-floor observation deck in addition to an incredible view of one of the world’s busiest ports. Call ahead because special tickets are required to enjoy this.

Rocket Launch Schedule Near Me

Once you’ve landed in the perfect place, you’ll want to check out launch schedules and plan accordingly. A quick Google search of “rocket launches near me” will bring you to several websites offering schedules. However, make sure you’re relying on schedules that are routinely updated. You can find updated schedules on various reputable websites from NASA or other aerospace companies. Websites like these also provide details about the rocket launch missions and ways to track their progress so viewers can be involved in more ways than simply watching the actual launch.

A Word of Caution

Sending a rocket to space is no small feat! It’s not surprising that it requires a lot of planning – every piece of the puzzle must be in the right spot before the countdown can begin. Unfortunately for viewers, this sometimes means launches get canceled, even up until the last second. It’s hard not to be disappointed when this happens, but if you’re able, plan a trip around a few rocket launches so you’re more likely to catch one! If not, enjoy the other opportunities available for visitors to explore space from here on earth.

Homes for Sale in the Space Coast

If you’re interested in extending your space vacation to something more permanent by purchasing a home in Brevard County, reach out to The KIM TILLET Team to begin your search for the perfect home. You’ll find The KIM TILLETT Team to be a trustworthy way to begin planning your relocation to America’s hub for space exploration.