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How to Purchase a Foreclosure

5 Steps To Buying A Foreclosed HomeBuying a foreclosed home can seem daunting, following these five steps will help make the process a little easier. 1. Find an experienced real estate agent 2. Get a preapproval letter. 3. Look at “comps” before making an offer. 4....

How To Purchase A Short Sale

Short Sale: How To Purchase OneThe Short Sale Process A short sale is when a property is sold for less than what the homeowner owes on their mortgage balance. In a short sale, the seller’s agent is responsible for listing the property and collecting the “financial...

Moving Day Tips

Moving Day TipsDon't Forget to Update Your Address With: Banks Utilities Employers Insurance Credit Cards Drivers License / Other Licenses Subscriptions Friends + Family

First Time Home Buyer Guide

First time home buyer guide1. Save for a down payment 2. Check credit score 3. Get pre-approved 4. Find an agent 5. Search for a home 6. Make an offer 7. Make a 'good-faith' or escrow deposit 8. Get a home inspection 9. Get a home appraisal 10. Head to closing

Home Buyer Tips for Pre-Approval

Home Buyer Tips: Pre-ApprovalBefore you start house hunting, we recommend you get pre-approved first, or you could lose out on the home of your dreams. Once you get your basic pre-approval letter and you're ready to make an offer on a home, it is best to contact three...

Who pays the Realtor commission?

Did you know? As a Buyer, you do not pay your Realtors commission-- it's a free service to you!The Seller of the home you purchase pays for all commissions.This is one question we come across often... If you’re looking to buy a home, should you find a Realtor to help...

Renting versus Buying

Renting Versus Buying Homeownership used to be the hallmark of the American dream, but that is no longer the case for many people.  While buying tends to increase your overall wealth over time, it may not be the right move for you and your family at the...

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