Florida is bustling with adventure, wildlife, fun and sun-drenched beaches of soft sand and blue skies. It’s no wonder within the last year, the state has seen such an enormous influx of families and individuals wanting to relocate to the Sunshine State. With the housing market being red hot across the country, the communities on Merritt Island are an incredible option for those wanting a quieter coastal town to plant some roots.

Living in Merritt Island

Though technically not an actual island, those who live in unincorporated Merritt Island are surrounded by beautiful waterways, creating an “island effect.” It’s also close enough to have a front row seat to rocket launches from nearby Cape Canaveral – making it one of the most unique places to live in the world.

There are 14 communities to choose from when settling in Merritt Island, each one suiting different needs and wants of homebuyers. If you’re searching for a home that fits your lifestyle, it’s important to partner with a trusted and knowledgeable agent who knows “The Island!” well.

  • Angel City
  • Allenhurst
  • Audubon
  • Banyan
  • Courtenay
  • Fairyland
  • Georgiana
  • Heath
  • Indianola
  • Lotus
  • Merritt City
  • Orsino
  • Shiloh
  • Tropic
  • Wilson

Homes in Merritt Island

Most homes in Merritt Island are owned, not rented, which means residents aren’t as transient as other communities in Brevard. Though many who live in Merritt Island are retired, longtime residents, it’s also a wonderful place to raise a family. The median home price is $354,400, with a plethora of beautiful home options in various price ranges. As mentioned, the housing market is hot and homes go quickly…especially in areas where the sun shines majority of the year and golf is almost always an option.

The average commute in Merritt Island is 24 minutes, which is slightly under the national average, with access to grocery and retail stores throughout. Waterfront access is quick to come by and some of the most beautiful beaches are a short distance from Merritt Island. Want to spend a couple hours at the ocean in the middle of the day? Not a problem!

Schools in Merritt Island

Known as one of the “best places to raise a family in Brevard County,” the public schools in Merritt Island are highly ranked from kindergarten through high school. In addition to the “A” rated public schools, there are also quality private school options as well. Wherever you choose to land in Merritt Island, you won’t be far from a school.

Things to do in Merritt Island

Beyond a healthy education system, there’s so much for families, couples, individuals and people of all ages to do. Near some of the world’s greatest theme parks with its close proximity to Orlando (just 50 miles southeast!), there’s never a shortage of activity for the whole family.

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is a 140,000 acre refuge, located right next to the Kennedy Space Center. Those who enjoy outdoor adventure will be in their glory during a hike through the refuge, which is home to over 500 species of wildlife!

Kayaking, golfing, fishing, paddle boarding and lots of other water-centric activities are easy to come by in Merritt Island. The year round sunny climate allows for outdoor lifestyles to flourish and there’s no better place to explore than the natural habitats of Merritt Island.

There are also plenty of unique things to do at Kennedy Space Center. No longer an active location for rocket launches, the center welcomes visitors from around the world who want to meet astronauts, experience what it’s like in space, explore the solar system, undergo some of the astronaut training experiences and so much more.

As far as dining experiences go, residents and visitors alike find there are wonderful restaurants in Merritt Island, some with waterfront dining experiences. Florida’s geography lends itself to some of the freshest seafood in the country, but there are an array of delicious dining experiences to choose from at the restaurants in Merritt Island.

Realtors in Merritt Island

In such a competitive market, a real estate professional with knowledge and experience will prove to be an immense benefit to buyers and sellers alike. Contact one of the most qualified professionals in Brevard by reaching out to The KIM TILLETT Team today. You won’t be disappointed.